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Congratulations to Our Good Buddy Jim Hart SMU Class of '69

Jim Hart

Jim Hart

JV Hart – SMU Class of '69 

Literary Luminary Award – In honor of its anniversary, the Friends of the SMU Libraries/Colophon has created the Literary Luminary Award. The award will be presented annually to honor an SMU alumnus who has made a significant contribution to the literary world. SMU is delighted to announce that the first annual Literary Luminary award will be presented to author and screenwriter, James V. Hart (’69), for his original writing and screenplay adaptations.   

Manfred Reiff captures Oscar-winning actress

Studio Monthly Magazine – Manfred Reiff captures Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard for The New York Times T Magazine’s "Screen Test" Web series.  Read more

Former Film Forum staffer McWilliams returns promoting 'Before the Music Dies'

Lisa McWilliams returns to the Lake Placid Film Forum with her newest film, "Before the Music Dies."

Directed by Andrew Shapter, "Before the Music Dies," is a documentary that examines the industry-driven homogenization of popular music. Eryka Badu, Eric Clapton and Dave Matthews are among the artists who speak out against the marginalization of original artists.

McWilliams came onboard the project through a mutual friend of producers Shapter and Joel Rasmussen, who also live in Austin, Texas.

News on Eric Mofford's Projects: "Senior Year" & Still of the Night"

News on Eric Mofford's Projects: "Senior Year" & Still of the Night"

Mobile Film School's Faculty Ellen Novack's Film "Psychoanalysis Changed My Life" to be Broadcast on the IFC

The Mobile Film School's faculty Ellen Novack's Film Psychoanalysis Changed My Life, starring Jayne Atkinson, Mary Louise Wilson, Alvin Epstein, and Scott Cohen, is going to be broadcast on the IFC on Monday, July 24th at 8:30 PM. For those of you who've seen it, we're hoping you'd like to see it again, and for those of you who haven't, here's your chance. It's 29 minutes long, and we think you'll find it a fun way to spend those minutes.

IFC can be found on your TV at the following places: