What We Do

  • The Mobile Film School is a highly collaborative, multi-disciplined media arts program.
  • Administered and led by industry professionals, we take film & video education on the road, offering a series of workshops, on-going educational programming, and resources to rural and underserved communities.
  • The Mobile Film School provides tools to encourage the creative process and a strong work ethic, fostering the next generation of filmmakers.
  • Even if our students don't become filmmakers, Mobile film School's unique style can be a transformative experience full of life skills that can be applied to   any vocation.

Why We Do It

  • As digital technology plays an increasingly influential role in our global society, we believe young people must be media literate if they are to achieve success in today's marketplace.
  • Teaching both narrative and documentary filmmaking skills, we strive to narrow the digital divide in lower income and rural communities by increasing access to the art and technology of filmmaking.
  • Our total immersion style of teaching engages and supports students in taking a responsible role in a collaborative environment, often building self-confidence for the first time.
  • By offering a wide variety of creative and technology-based programming, the Mobile Film School will foster future filmmakers who, frame by frame, will contribute to the America’s rich cinematic and cultural tradition.

Who We Serve

  • Mobile Film School is committed to holding workshops in culturally and ethnically diverse locations in rural and underserved communities, including the juvenile justice system.
  • We are dedicated to diversifying our faculty, staff and student mentor team.
  • We serve those who are underrepresented in the film business, particularly underserved and at-risk youth.