Digital Media Workshops

We Believe:

Digital technology plays an increasingly influential role in our global society, and that young people must become fully media literate to achieve equality and advancement in today’s marketplace. Using both narrative and documentary film as our medium, the Mobile Film School’s educational media programming narrows the digital divide, actively fostering a collective of future filmmakers, who, frame by frame, will contribute to America’s rich cinematic tradition.

We Provide:

The MFS filmmaking workshops offer instruction in the following areas: story development, scriptwriting, digital camera operation, video editing, audio recording, and production management.  At the end of each course, students will have produced one short documentary or narrative film.

We Encourage:

Students are required to learn about every aspect of filmmaking, then encouraged to develop specific areas of interest – such as writing, directing, or editing – paving the way for future education and employment opportunities. Equipment and study materials are provided, and all meals are served on-site, allowing students and teachers quality time to build strong bonds that we hope will last beyond the workshops. This social angle drives the momentum of the program – as we study, work, and dine together, we invite creative collaboration and strong mentor bonds.

We Mentor:

Our ongoing mentorship program creates industry connections between students, alumni, staff and faculty members from our growing network of industry professionals. Our instructors/mentors look forward to staying in contact with students upon completion of the program, offering professional guidance and advice at any point down the road, and creating future volunteer, internship and career opportunities.

We Innovate:

Following each workshop’s completion, we partner with local school districts and community centers to implement on-going media arts programs based on the MFS model. By providing access to our complete filmmaking curriculum and serving as long-term consultants, we will work to enhance educational growth in every community we visit.

Texas Digital Media Workshops: