• Til Death Do Us Part?

Documentary Workshop - Del Valle, Texas - March 15-22, 2008

Del Valle, Texas

March 15-22, 2008

Project Description – ‘Til Death Do Us Part?

Fifteen Del Valle students produced a 9-minute short documentary film titled ‘Til Death Do Us Part?, which focuses on the topic of marriage and divorce from their own personal experiences.

Nowadays a lot of parents divorce, and there is a big impact on the family, especially their children. In ‘Til Death Do Us Part?, parents and their children were interviewed, some from divorced backgrounds, others with families intact.  The film explores their thoughts on divorce and marriage, questioning the traditional notion of family and the realities of divorce. As marriage and divorce are interrelated, the parents and children share with us their opinions on “What makes a good marriage?” and “Do you believe in love?”

Awards & Screenings:

  • City of Temecula Youth Media & Arts Festival (2008) – Award Nominated

Faculty & Guest Speakers included:

  • Jim Hart (Screenwriter) - Story Structure
  • Bill Crawford (Owner, Mapache) - Interview Techniques
  • Kate Dawson (Independent film editor) – Editing
  • Barry Coffing (Owner, MusicSupervisor.com) - Music Supervising


Community Impact:

As a direct result of the impact MFS had on community, Del Valle administration dedicated funding towards production equipment and a full time media teacher beginning Fall 2008.

"...The student of mine that you worked with has really opened up in all of his classes. I cannot take any credit for this, but I can credit the Mobile Film School for assisting in helping him feel comfortable in his own skin. I enjoyed the experience and I enjoyed what I saw in the kids once the school was over."

– Muriel T. Clark, STEP Teacher/Case Manager, Del Valle High School

Special Thanks to our sponsors:

Clif Bar JS Distributing
Music Supervisor Omega Broadcast Group Sweet Leaf
Sony TricksterFilms

In Association with:

  • Del Valle ISD
  • Texas Restaurant Association Foundation

In partnership with the Austin School of Film, who provided post-production equipment, software, and support.

This program is made possible in part by a grant from Humanities Texas, a state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in ‘Til Death Do Us Part? do not necessarily represent those of Humanities Texas or the National Endowment for the Humanities.